The competition will be open to the general public provided that they are 18 years or older, have played a loosing ticket with a bet stake above R50 on Soccer at any tic tac bets outlet or online through the website


  • To enter competition, entrants must bet only on soccer at a minimum stake of R 50.00 at any Tic Tac Outlet or on the website
  • Edited entries will be considered invalid
  • Entrants must deposit their loosing ticket at any tic tac sports betting outlet, at the designated entry box.
  • All soccer betting slips above a R50 stake played online will be automatically entered for the weekly draw
  • Entrants must also include their full name and contact details (phone and/or email) of which will be placed in the draw box.
  • The winning entrants will be chosen at random weekly
  • There will only be ten (10) winners per branch of which will receive their share in Voucher prizes and 1 Lucky Winner who will win a Smartphone, Each Store will have one (1) mobile device winner.
  • Winners will be announced weekly and notified by SMS, call and email

Competition is valid between 1 April 2021 and 1 May 2021.

General provisions

The R30 Sign Up Bonus only applies to users who Register and FICA verify thier online Account – The Bonus is only provided to each user Once.

The promotion is carried out in accordance with the following conditions of its implementation (hereinafter – the Rules).


Register to Play Online, on, And FICA Verify your Account

A R30 Welcome Bonus will be credited into your account in 24hours.

All Registered and FICA verified users will recieve the Bonus, For any enquires contact Support – Via Whatsapp on 067 358 2767

– This offer is for FICA Verified users only.

– All Accounts will be credited within 24Hours.

– The Bonus can only be used to place single bets.

– Tic Tac Bets reserves the right to cancel, amend or withdraw the Sign Up Bonus, or change

any of its terms at any time and without cause or notice.

– Tic Tac Bets reserves the right to reject any payouts or cancel all bets taken with any bonus, if it considers that fraud, breach of the terms of service or any form of bonus abuse is taking place. 

– The Sign Up Bonus Amount cannot be withdrawn without any first deposit made.

– All Bonus funds and Winnings (if any) must be transferred to Main Wallet within 30 days after being credited – Failure to do so will expire all bonus credits.

General provisions

The 1ForYou Voucher Promo only applies to Online Account Holders who Deposit using a 1ForYou Voucher. All accounts must be FICA verified to qualify for the promotion

The promotion is carried out in accordance with the following conditions of its implementation (hereinafter – the Rules).


Register to Play Online, on, And Deposit Using A 1ForYou Voucher To Stand A
Chance To Win R50 1ForYou Vouchers Weekly

Visit our website on, Register & Verify Your Online Account On and make a deposit into your online account using the “1ForYou Voucher” deposit method/option.

Selecting Winners:          All winners are generated randomly within the specific week played

To Qualify, An account must be FICA verified and a minimum deposit of R5 must be credited into their account using the 1ForYou Deposit option to qualify for the random selection draw.

Winners will be notified by Whatsapp and a 1ForYou Voucher pin will be SMSed upon confirmation of notice.

The 1ForYou Voucher cannot be exchanged for other prizes or cash and is not transferrable to third parties.

Upon noticing cases of fraud, The Organizers reserve the right to remove a participant from the list of promotion participants without separate notice.

Employees of Tic Tac Sports Betting and their family members cannot participate in the Promotion.

Tic Tac Sports Betting reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice

Vengies Gaming Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are the legal relationship between all companies trading as Vengies Gaming and its clientele. It is applied to all products and services available and should a client engage in its practice, he/she subsequently agrees to be bound by Vengies Gaming’s current Terms, Conditions, and Rules

Vengies Gaming may at any time amend/delete any section of the Terms and Conditions contained herein, however, will regularly make effort to maintain all necessary information to be available to the public and in accordance with gambling legislation and guidelines, including but not limited to the FIC Act. Clients are therefore responsible to review and understand these terms and conditions at regular intervals to stay abreast of any changes made.

Vengies Gaming and any of its information available herein or on its website, does not accept any responsibility for:

– Liability for any damages

– Gambling addictions

– Side Effects

– Medical Complications

– Injury

– Death

All information, content, and intellectual property of Vengies Gaming are subject to copyright protection, and thus any unauthorised replication whether in parts or as a whole will be deemed as copyright infringement.

In case of review or dispute, each section is contained within bulletins of numerical value for use of reference only, with the scope to protect itself from false misinterpretation and/or modification.

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. To ensure that Vengies Gaming is in a financial position to make payments of its betting obligations, Vengies Gaming has lodged financial guarantees with the relevant Gambling Boards in all jurisdictions in which is operative.

1.2. Eligibility to Bet

1.2.1. Any persons 18 years or older may apply for an account or place a bet at any Vengies Gaming outlet.

1.2.2. Proof of Identity, age, and residency will be required to settling an account. Upon completion of the account application form warrants thereby that the applicant has read, understands, and accepts these Terms and Conditions and all Rules relating to betting on sporting events horseracing, or any other lawful contingency contained within Vengies Gaming.

1.2.3. The client acknowledges and agrees to access and use of the products and facilities provided by the website and/or the use of any of Vengies Gaming betting facilities is solely at the client’s discretion, choice, and risk.

1.2.4. Vengies Gaming does not offer any form of credit facilities to its clients.

1.2.5. For the case of which the client’s method of payment in-store will be via credit card or cheque account card, Vengies Gaming will only issue its betting service to the client once the transaction has been deemed successful.

1.3. While every effort is made to accommodate its clients, Vengies Gaming reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager.

1.4. Procedure of Betting Transactions

1.4.1. The client may process his/her bets via any Vengies Gaming retail outlet, via Vengies Gaming online platform, via telephone, or through any other platform made available by Vengies Gaming.

1.4.2. Any betting transaction between Vengies Gaming and its client, regardless of the origin or physical location of any telephone call or any other electronic mediums pursuant to which bets are processed shall only be valid when the bet has been accepted by a certified employee of Vengies Gaming situated at a licensed premise operated by Vengies Gaming, or electronically by a wagering program operated from any such premises.

1.4.3. The client acknowledges and accepts to each telephone and/or electronic communication relating the process of betting being recorded by Vengies Gaming. Vengies Gaming shall retain such recordings at its own discretion where Vengies Gaming deems necessary by law. Such recordings may be used by Vengies Gaming for the investigation and resolution of disputes which may arise with its clients.

1.4.4. The client at all times bears the responsibility of ensuring that the betting information and transaction is accurately processed.

1.4.5. Betting transactions will only be accepted during Vengies Gaming’ operational hours of which is relative upon the jurisdictions of which it operates in.

1.4.6. Any betting transaction claimed to have been processed of which its details are not recorded within Vengies Gaming’s betting platform, or confirmed by voice recording devices will not be recognized by Vengies Gaming and ultimately not accepted as a valid bet.

1.4.7. All winning tickets produced and validated by Vengies Gaming must be returned by the client as a whole and in no way shall Vengies Gaming pay out a winning ticket that is; torn, modified, ripped in half, burnt, washed out, and/or missing

1.5. Liabilities & Corrections

1.5.1. Under no circumstances will Vengies Gaming be liable to you in contract, breach of statutory duty, or in connection with the terms, your use of, or inability to use all products and services offered by Vengies Gaming including without limitation; to its website, chat rooms or any online sports betting software, materials, social media available.

1.5.2. The above mentioned (1.5) is with reference to; Any injury, loss of profits, opportunity or revenue, loss of business or agreements, loss of goodwill, loss of use or corruption of software, loss or corruption of data, or loss of anticipated earnings/savings.

1.5.3. Loss or damage to property or injury includes but is not limited to; Direct/ Indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive of any kind.

1.5.4. The Client acknowledges and accepts that Vengies Gaming is not liable for the following: Accuracy, completeness, and/ or currency of any information and/or data services provided including but not limiting to odds, pricing, race fixtures, locations, times, results (intermediate or final), live scores and/or general statistics presented on any of Vengies Gaming’s platform.

1.5.5. Vengies Gaming will not accept responsibility for any liabilities caused by acts or omissions by a third party whom you have authorised to gain access to Vengies Gaming online sports betting website on your behalf.

1.5.6. Vengies Gaming and all forms of Vengies Gaming communications does not accept any liability for any losses incurred or damages suffered (including economic or consequential loss) either directly or indirectly arising from any negligence of Vengies Gaming, its employees, agents, or consultants.

1.5.7. Although Vengies Gaming will endeavour to convey the correct selection of information, whether it is from its employees in its outlets and/or any of Vengies Gaming’s online/retail betting facilities, the client acknowledges that Vengies Gaming is not liable for any errors/omissions and/or negligence that may occur:

1.5.8. The above mentioned (1.5.7) includes but is not limited to;

– Human errors by any employee of Vengies Gaming.

– Theft.

– IT failures are caused by either hardware or software equipment used to access Vengies Gaming online/retail betting facilities.

– Loss of anticipated winnings, caused by use, misuse, or abuse of your account, whether by the client or a third party acting on its behalf.

– Technical failures i.e. system breakdowns, delays, improper data transmission, loss or corruption of data, service attacks, bugs/viruses.

– Unlawful conduct arising from hacking into the computer/server’s system, or unlawfully typing incorrect betting odds

1.5.9. Vengies Gaming reserves the right at any time to cancel and/or amend betting transactions in the event that Vengies Gaming’ online/retail betting facilities allowed betting transactions that conflict with Vengies Gaming’ Terms and Conditions and Rules.

1.5.10. It is the customer’s responsibility to determined the correctness of all information in regards to the sporting event that is relative. The onus is on the customer to inform any of Vengies Gaming’s employees or supporting systems before the relative event has commenced.

1.5.11. Unless an event is being covered by Vengies Gaming’ in-running service (live in-play services), Vengies Gaming reserves the right that any betting transaction is placed after the start of the relative event will be voided/cancelled by Vengies Gaming.

1.5.12. Any betting transactions taken on results already published at the time of (or after), the placement of such betting transactions will be voided/cancelled by Vengies Gaming.

1.5.13. If Vengies Gaming suspects that match-fixing has occurred, Vengies Gaming reserves the right to withhold all funds on affected accounts and supply all account information to the relative authorities and/or refund the relevant bet.

1.6. Account Information & Procedures.

1.6.1. Clients wishing to open an account at Vengies Gaming have to register either on the website or in any of its outlets. Once completed a confirmation email is sent to the to be account holder confirming of their account details. As mentioned in section 1.2.4 “Vengies Gaming does not offer any form of credit facilities to its clients”.

1.6.2. Vengies Gaming reserves the right to decline any application for a new account if the client’s provided information is;

– Incomplete and/or,

– Found to be incorrect

– Subject to a material omission

1.6.3. Furthermore, Vengies Gaming reserves the right to decline any application for a new account if the client fails to submit relevant information in conjunction with the application form and/or requested by Vengies Gaming, within the timeframes as Vengies Gaming may specify.

1.6.4. The client shall be solely responsible for the safekeeping and correctness of his/her account details and/or any other information related to the client.

1.6.5. The client acknowledges that he/she will;

– Not apply or hold more than one account with Vengies Gaming.

– Not apply for an account in the name of or behalf of any other person or company

– Not permit any third party to make use of the client’s account whether directly or indirectly.

Vengies Gaming shall accordingly not be held responsible for any liabilities incurred.

1.6.6. Should the client at any moment suspect that his/her account information is; lost, stolen, misappropriated, or utilized by a third party, it is incumbent upon the client to notify Vengies Gaming immediately. If any changes needed to be made to the client’s account information (including the request to set a new password), the client may send an email to Vengies Gaming Support Group; A certified copy of the client’s ID will be required to proceed.

1.6.7. Vengies Gaming does not grant withdrawal requests from deposits. Withdrawals can only be done from winnings. Should a client wish to withdraw from his/her deposit balance, the waiting period of 28 working days will be applied.

1.6.8. Should a client transfer from a bank account to one of Vengies Gaming’ accounts, payment may only reflect within 3 days of which Vengies Gaming will only credit the transfer once it is reflected in its accounts.

1.6.9. Should a client’s account be credited in error, it is incumbent upon the client to notify Vengies Gaming of the relative error immediately. All transactions resulted from an error will be voided/cancelled, unless otherwise notified by Vengies Gaming.

1.6.10. The client acknowledges that Vengies Gaming reserves the right to void/cancel or amend betting transactions that contravene with these terms, conditions, and rules. This includes but is not limited to betting transactions accepted by Vengies Gaming’s online/retail betting facilities which violate these terms, conditions, and rules.

1.6.11. Vengies Gaming reserves the right to terminate a client’s account without prior notice and at its sole discretion. Furthermore, a client’s account may be terminated without prior notice should the account be non-compliant with the relative gambling laws and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (hereinafter referred to as FICA). Any remaining credit from the account will thereafter be transferred to the client’s registered bank account.

1.6.12. In the event where a withdrawal process may deem to be suspicious, Vengies Gaming may request additional information and/or documentation to be provided.

1.6.13. The minimum withdrawal amount is R 20.00. No interest shall accrue on any deposits held by Vengies Gaming.

1.6.14. Vengies Gaming will not permit the opening of accounts with non-South African addresses, contact details, and/or bank accounts. Furthermore, no requests of withdrawals will be accepted to non-South African bank accounts.

1.7. Betting Tax

1.7.1. All horseracing and sport winning transaction are subject to a tax in accordance with the relevant Gambling Laws in all jurisdictions in which Vengies Gaming is operative.

1.8. Disputes

1.8.1. In the event of disagreement between Vengies Gaming and its client, Vengies Gaming and its employees will make every effort to assist the client with arising issues so long as it does not contravene with its terms, conditions, and rules.

1.8.2. A client has the right to lodge a dispute within twenty-eight (28) days, or the number of days relative to the gambling jurisdictions and its laws in which Vengies Gaming is operative, from the date the wager in question has been decided. No claims will be honoured after the relative time period.

1.8.3. If any dispute is not able to be resolved between the client and Vengies Gaming, the dispute will be settled by the bookmaker’s association and the relevant gambling board.

1.9. Transaction Requirements

1.9.1. Transactions may only be made in ZAR (South African Rands) and no other currency will be accepted by Vengies Gaming.

1.9.2. The minimum stake per transaction is ZAR 1.00.

2. Betting Terms and Conditions

2.1. Maximum Winnings (liability)

2.1.1. All single and/or multiple betting transactions will be limited to a maximum pay-out (liability) of R 1 000 000.00 (One Million Rand) of which tax will be deducted thereafter.

2.1.2. The client acknowledges and agrees not to transact the same betting transaction in another separate betting transaction, regardless of whether using the client’s own account or through a third party’s account. Should the client circumvent this rule via any means possible, Vengies Gaming reserves the right, in its sole and unfettered discretion, to cancel the original and any other similar betting transactions of the client is a party.

2.2. Vengies Gaming’s maximum winnings are as follows:

2.2.1. Soccer:

Single Bet: R 10 000.00
2 Legs: R 20 000.00
3 Legs: R 30 000.00
4 Legs: R 60 000.00
5 Legs: R 90 000.00
6 Legs: R 100 000.00
7 Legs: R 200 000.00
8 Legs: R 300 000.00
9 Legs: R 400 000.00
10 Legs: R 500 000.00
11 Legs: R 600 000.00
12 Legs: R 700 000.00
13 Legs: R 800 000.00
14 Legs: R 900 000.00
15 Legs or more: R 1 000 000.00

2.2.2. Lotto (including International Lottos):

Single Bet: R 10 000.00
2 Numbers: R 20 000.00
3 Numbers: R 50 000.00
4 Numbers: R 100 000.00
5 or more Numbers: R 250 000.00

2.2.3. Horse Racing:

Single Bet – first-timer: R 5 000.00
Single Bet Local: R 10 000.00
Single Bet International: R 5 000.00
Multiple Bet – first-timer: R 30 000.00
Multiple Bet – other: R 50 000.00

Tote Limits:

Tote Win: R 100 000.00
Tote Place: R 100 000.00
Each Way Bet: R 100 000.00
Tote All to Come: R 100 000.00
Swinger: R 250 000.00
Exacta: R 100 000.00
Trifecta: R 250 000.00
Quartet: R 250 000.00
Double: R 100 000.00
Pick 3: R 100 000.00
Pick 6: R 500 000.00
Bi-Pot: R 500 000.00
Place Accumulator: R 250 000.00
Jackpot: R 250 000.00

2.2.4. Cricket: (All Markets)

Single Bets: R 100 000.00
2 Legs: R 200 000.00
3 Legs: R 500 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 1 000 000.00

2.2.5. Rugby Union: (International and Clubs)

Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 500 000.00

2.2.6. Rugby League: (International and Clubs)

Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 500 000.00

2.2.7. American Football:

Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 250 000.00

2.2.8. Australian Rules:

Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 250 000.00

2.2.9. Athletics:

Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 250 000.00

2.2.10. Basketball & Baseball:

Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 500 000.00

2.2.11. Boxing, Cycling, Darts, Motor Sports, Olympics, Poker & Snooker:

Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 1 000 000.00

2.2.12. Golf:

Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 1 000 000.00

2.2.13. Tennis:

Outrights – R 50 000.00
Matches – Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 500 000.00

2.2.14. Any Other:

Single Bets: R 20 000.00
2 Legs: R 50 000.00
3 Legs: R 100 000.00
4 Legs or more: R 500 000.00
or unless otherwise agreed and stated by Vengies Gaming.

2.3. Open Bet Limits

2.3.1. An open bet is a bet offered by Vengies Gaming on one or more events in which no fixed odds are agreed at the time the betting transaction is placed. The winnings, and therefore the payout, is determined after the outcome of the event on which such betting transaction was struck becomes known, with reference to dividends generated by a totalisator.

2.3.2. All open bets offered by Vengies Gaming shall be subject to limits as determined by Vengies Gaming if any.

2.3.3. Winning limits shall also apply to Win, Place, Swinger, Exacta, Trifecta, Quartet, Double, Place Accumulator, Jackpot, Pick 3, Bi-pot, Pick 6, Rugby Special, and Soccer Special. The maximum winnings in respect thereof will be limited to the total net pool limit.
By way of example, if the total available pool on an Exacta is R 2 500.00, then this is the maximum payout that may be distributed to a customer who has selected the winning combinations regardless of the stakes or the number of tickets. If Vengies Gaming laid 1 000 winning Exactas to its customers and the Saftote dividend was R 3.50, Vengies Gaming would limit the payout to pay the Pool Limit of R 2 500.00.

2.3.4. The open bet payouts will be limited by the number of dividends being paid by the totalisator. The totalisator pools will be divided by the number of open bet dividends paying for that race. Therefore, if a race is paying 4 places, the totalisator pool will be divided by 4 and that value shall be applied to each placing.
By way of example, if the net swinger pool is R 3 000.00 and there are 3 swingers to be paid, the net pool for each swinger will be R 1 000.00 (R 3 000.00/3 swingers) and this shall be the open bet limit applied. Therefore, if swingers are caught by single or multiple customers with Vengies Gaming, and the total payout is R 1 300.00, this payout will be limited to R 1 000.00. The limit applies to all open bets.

2.3.5. Notwithstanding the pool size, Vengies Gaming reserves the right to limit the odds payable on open wins and open places to a maximum of 50 % (fifty percent) over the fixed odds starting price of the horse (being the last price laid by Vengies Gaming). The payout limit will be the lesser of the Saftote pool size and the value of the stake applied at the odds limit.
By way of example, if a horse has a starting price of 21 and pays R 5.00 for a win (odds of 4/1) on the totalisator (where the pool size was R 15 000.00) and a customer has R 1 000.00 wins, then the payout will be limited to odds of 3/1. Should a single or multiple customers have had R 5 000.00 wins on the horse, then the maximum win amount will be the pool size.

2.3.6. Open Bets i.e.: Pick Six’s, Jackpots, other tote exotics (no matter how many times indicated in the same betting transaction e.g. Should the pick-six be taken 20 times an amount limited up to R300K (Three Hundred Thousand) will be paid even though the Pick Six paid multiplied by 20 totals an amount which exceeds the limit) and betting transactions are known as “all to comes”. In accordance to this and with this rule you hereby agree not to transact the same betting transaction (so as to circumvent this rule) in another separate betting transaction (either on your own account or by utilizing the account of another person or by taking a cash bet) and should you do so then you acknowledge that will have Vengies Gaming the right, in its sole unfettered discretion, to cancel the original and any other similar betting transactions to which you are a party i.e. before any of the events indicated in the betting transaction have commenced and or during or after any of the events have commenced and or have been completed i.e. In such circumstances you will only be entitled to a refund on the stake amount or the amount staked and more particularly will not be entitled to claim any amount should the whole or part of the betting transaction be having been successful or partially successful.

2.4. Carryovers

2.4.1. Should there be no winning tickets on any pool on the totalisator (i.e. a full carryover) but winning tickets at Vengies Gaming, Vengies Gaming will pay a dividend determined by dividing the Totalisator pool by the number of Vengies Gaming winners. Vengies Gaming’ maximum liability to any customer shall be limited to the pool. These dividends and payouts will be subject to ticket limits.

2.4.2. Where a partial carryover is declared by the Totalisator on an open bet, Vengies Gaming shall pay the dividend as declared. However, the liability shall be limited to the value of the pool paid out and NOT the value of the total pool.
By way of example, if a commingled Trifecta pool is R 10 000.00 on an English event and a dividend of R 700.00 is declared to 6 winners locally (total payout R 4 200.00) and a carryover of R 5 800.00 is declared, then Vengies Gaming’ maximum liability to any single or multiple customers shall be limited to the value of the payout, being R 4 200.00.

2.5. Void Bets and Right of Set-Off

2.5.1. Vengies Gaming reserves the right in its sole discretion to deem any bet that does not comply with these terms and conditions as void.

2.5.2. Subject to 2.14, in the event of a void bet, the bet will be declared void ab initio and:

– Vengies Gaming will return all bets placed;

– All winnings paid under a void bet will be forfeited and refundable to Vengies Gaming on demand by Vengies Gaming.

2.6. In-Running Betting

2.6.1. For all bets placed in-running, the rules before the start will apply except where otherwise offered by a difference in selections, prices or markets offered.

2.6.2. Vengies Gaming reserves the right to suspend (and reopen) in-running betting during the event concerned. No such bets will be accepted when the betting is suspended.

2.6.3. Internet and Mobile – In-running betting odds may be subject to a time delay (which may appear as a browser delay) prior to acceptance. If a price of a bet changes after it is requested but before the bet is accepted, the bet will be reoffered at the new price. A further time delay will apply if a new price is subsequently requested. If the bet is suspended after the price is requested, but prior to acceptance of the bet, the transaction will be declined if you attempt to accept this bet.

2.6.4. Telephone Betting – It is your responsibility to ensure that the details of all bets are correct when called to and confirmed by the operator. For a bet to be accepted, Vengies Gaming must issue a ticket in respect of each bet. A bet is not accepted on call back confirmation of the content of the bet by the operator by only on the issue of a ticket. Once a ticket has been issued, bets may not be cancelled or changed by you under any circumstance.

2.6.5. Where a blatant or palpable error is made in transmission on any event on which there is live betting, bets will be settled at the correct price at the time at which the bet was placed.

2.6.6. Vengies Gaming reserves the right to void any bets where it has reason to believe that a betting transaction was placed after the outcome of an event is known. Where any in-running bet has not completed all bets on that event shall be void except bets where the contingency has already been determined.

2.6.7. Vengies Gaming reserves the right to amend the odds on any bet if that bet was placed during the period when betting should have been suspended for any reason.

2.7. Dead Heat

2.7.1. In the event of a dead heat (tie), where odds were not offered by Vengies Gaming on such an outcome, bets will be paid at the face value of the ticket divided by the number of competitors tying for that placing.

2.7.2. Place ties will only be paid on an event for which place betting was available and the winnings thereon will be calculated by multiplying the face value of the ticket by the remaining number of places available and divided by the number of competitors tying for those available number of places.

2.7.3. In the event of a dead heat where odds were offered by Vengies Gaming on such an outcome, then all win or place bets will be losers and the draw option will be paid on the winner.

2.8. Suspension of Markets

2.8.1. Vengies Gaming reserves the right to suspend a market at any time. When a market is suspended any bets laced during that suspension will be rejected and any bet accepted will be void.

2.9. Official Starting Time

2.9.1. The official starting time of any event is that stated by the controlling body for that relevant event.

2.10. Results

2.10.1. The result of any event will be accepted and posted by Vengies Gaming in accordance with the first official result of that particular event, irrespective of any subsequent revocation of that result due to the disqualification or otherwise.

2.11. Special Events

2.11.1. All special events on which bets are offered by Vengies Gaming shall be deemed to be sporting even if they fall outside the scope of sport. All the Terms and Conditions relating to the sport as well as specific disciplinary rules in respect thereof shall apply to special events.

2.12. Sports Betting

2.12.1. In all betting relating to sports other than horse racing, the terms and conditions relating to betting on horses shall mutatis mutandis apply to all circumstances not covered by the specific sports’ disciplinary rules.

2.13. Related Betting

2.13.1. No related bets, where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes or determines another part of the bet, will be accepted. If a related bet is accepted, the stake of the single bet will be divided and applied and paid equally over the respective events in the bet. Vengies Gaming, in its sole discretion, shall determine is a bet is a related bet, and Vengies Gaming’ decision in that regard shall be final and binding.

2.14. Multiple Bets

2.14.1. Multiple bets will be subject to the win limit as per the maximum winnings table above per customer. If any multiple bets are accepted by Vengies Gaming over this limit, the said bets will be adjusted to the prescribed limit at the same odds, whether they are winning bets or losing bets and winnings reduced and paid out accordingly.

2.14.2. If any selection in a multiple bet becomes or is deemed void the money staked on that part of the bet which is void shall be placed on the remaining selections which comprise the multiple bet and the remaining selections of the bet shall stand. For example, if one leg in a quadruple bet becomes void, the bet becomes a treble. If one leg of a multiple bet remains, the bet will stand as a single bet.

2.15. Ante-Post Betting

2.15.1. An ante-post bet is a bet on a medium to long term feature race or event.

2.15.2. In the case of weather or outside influences that cause an event to be postponed or rescheduled to another day, then all ante-post bets shall stand. Ante-post bets may include runners that do not ultimately participate in the race or event and bets wagered on such will be considered losers. These races/events may be referred to as “all-in” events. No deduction shall be taken on Scratching from ante-post all-in races or events.

2.15.3. An ante-post bet will be void where the race on which the ante-post bet has been placed is officially abandoned, the conditions of the race altered, or if the venue of the race has been changed. In these circumstances, any multiple bet, which includes this selection, will be paid out on the remaining selections.

2.16. Match Fixing

2.16.1. If Vengies Gaming suspects that match-fixing has occurred, Vengies Gaming reserves the right to withhold all funds on affected accounts and supply all account information to the relevant authorities and/ or refund the relevant bet.